Tissoudali: “Happy about the goal and the return to the National Team.”

Gent a beaten Westerlo (1-3) on the penultimate matchday of the European playoffs. One of the key contributors to this victory, Tarik Tissoudali, who had helped his team qualify for the UEFA Conference League last week, had his moment of joy in this match by finally finding the back of the net.

The Lion of the Atlas, who came on as a substitute for Orban in the 72nd minute of the game, only needed 9 minutes to find the back of the net, thus scoring the third goal for Gent and his first goal since returning from injury. But his joy was not just for that goal, but also for the call-up he received from Hoalid Regragui for the upcoming national team camp for Morocco, as he proudly expressed in his post-match statements.

“Honestly, the impact of this goal is very special to me because the objective for a forward is to score goals. I was looking to find the back of the net as soon as possible, but it’s difficult when you don’t have much playing time. And even though I train a lot, efficiency will only improve by playing more.”

Tarik Tissoudali, after the match against Westerlo.

“It has been a really good week for me. Yesterday, I was also informed that I was called up to the national team. In Morocco, I play with players like Hakimi, Ziyech, Mazraoui… They have so many qualities, it only makes you better. It is definitely amazing that I can be part of this group.”

Tissoudali, speaking proudly about the Lions of the Atlas.

Even though guaranteeing a starting position in the national team is not easy, especially with several in-form forwards, Tissoudali doesn’t hide his joy and pride in being part of this tightly-knit group, according to him. He expresses gratitude towards the Moroccan coach for this new opportunity.

“In Morocco, it’s a bit different than playing for your club. We form a single entity there, a united group. When you’re there, you’re part of the team. You want to perform well here at the club to earn your place in the national team. Once you’re there, you become a part of that perfect unity with your teammates. The national team selection is just a tremendous boost for me.”

“Tissoudali, regarding his selection with the Moroccan National Team.”

At Gent, the upcoming season is likely to witness a resurgence of Tissoudali. While the competition is tough in the attacking department with the successful duo of Cuypers and Orban this season, a likely departure of Nigerian Gift Orban will pave the way for Tissoudali to reclaim his starting position.

Here is the the goal of Tissoudali:

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