Abdelhamid Sabiri unfortunate to score

The Moroccan international, Abdelhamid Sabiri was close to being the hero of the night during the match of the 24th day of La Liga between Sampdoria and Bologna. Indeed, the player who came in at the 65th minute of the game quickly made a name for himself by converting a penalty obtained 3 minutes after his entry into the game (68th).

This goal will allow Sampdoria to equalize (1-1). Three minutes later, the referee whistled a new penalty for Sampdoria unfortunately, this time, the scenario will be quite different because Abdelhamid Sabiri takes again his responsibilities, but will not have the same success since the ball will not go into the net.

We are heading for a draw, but unfortunately for the men of Dejan Stankovic, it is a nightmare scenario that will take place because Sampdoria will concede a new goal in the 90th minute that will plunge even more Sabiri and his team in the bottom of the ranking.

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