Classy gesture for Abqar

A young Alaves fan will not immediately forget his presence in the stand during the match between Mirandès and Alaves (1-3); a match counting for the 23rd day of Spanish Liga 2. It is important to point out that the young fan is none other than a child who received an unforgettable welcome from a player of his beloved club.

This time the events did not take place during regulation time but after the final whistle. Abdel Abqar, a player of Alavès, went to the compartment reserved for the supporters of Alavès and in the euphoria of the end of the match, he decided to offer his shirt to a young supporter of the club.

The scene could have ended there but the young cub decided otherwise as he decided to take the child in his arms and then brought him back to the field to immortalize the moment in a photo.

High class gesture for the Moroccan.

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