El Khoumisti: “This is just the beginning.”

Moroccan striker Fahd El Khoumisti had one of the best seasons of his career, finishing as the top scorer in the National 1 league and achieving a historic promotion with Concarneau. But this is only the beginning, according to the 29-year-old player, who is optimistic about his team’s upcoming journey in Ligue 2.

Two Moroccans brought joy to the city of Concarneau with their significant contribution to the club’s promotion to Ligue 2 for the first time in history. While the season’s best player, Amine Boutrah, is already on his way out, the top scorer El Khoumisti intends to continue the adventure and strongly believes in his team’s chances.

« I am especially proud to be part of this team. What matters is that we played well together, we play true football, and it’s an absolute pleasure. My wish now is to start the next season in Ligue 2 on a good note and see what we can achieve. Amine won’t be with us anymore, but personally, I would love to continue with everyone who is here. It’s a team that can compete at the Ligue 2 level consistently. »

Fahd El Khoumisti, in an interview with French media Le Télégramme.

For Fahd, returning to Concarneau was a good choice, and the successes of this season are just the beginning of something greater. However, the Concarneau striker prefers not to dwell too much on the future at the moment because, in his opinion, it’s time for celebrations after such an achievement.