EN F U20: Nice victory for the Moroccan women

The women’s national team of under 20 years will face today its Algerian counterpart in the championship of the North African Union of Football (UNAF).

As such, 23 players have been selected:

Ikram Neddar (Riccione Calcio – Italy)

Kawtar Ait Omar (Fortuna Sotrard – Netherlands)

Nora Nouhaili (Upper Iowa – United States)

Nouhaila Tyti (GPSO Issy – France)

Anfal El Yamani Haïda (Kil Hemne – Norway)

Maissen Bourhine (Olympique Lyonnais – France)

Oumaima Hadaya (Chabab Mohammedia – Morocco)

Kamilia Tayebi (FC Mulhouse – France)

Samya Masnaoui (Ajax Amsterdam – Netherlands)

Fatima El Ghazouani (Metropole – France)

Dania Boussatta (DS – Netherlands)

Amal Charkane (Pettembourg – Luxembourg)

Oumaya EL Amraoui (Real Sociedad – Spain)

Chaimae Chaouni (Phoenix Marrakech – Morocco)

Nadia Zaaour (CM Laâyoune – Morocco)

Laila Dahrouch (Raja Aïn Harrouda – Morocco)

Hajar Said (Najah Souss – Morocco)

Khaoula Knia (RCOZ – Morocco)

Zineb El Arari (JNL – Morocco)

Houda El Mestour (AS FAR – Morocco)

Doha El Madani (AEAFF – Morocco)

Wissal El Aissaoui (CAK – Morocco)

Amina El Mostafi (CM Laâyoune – Morocco)

Aya El Kaddouri (Najah Souss – Morocco)

Ambre Basser Drunet (Bordeaux – France)

Inès Hayaux (Toulouse – Morocco)

In addition, here is the program:

– Day 1 (March 14, 2023)

Egypt – Tunisia

Algeria – Morocco

– Day 2 (March 16, 2023)

Tunisia – Morocco

Egypt – Algeria

– Day 3 (March 18, 2023)

Morocco – Egypt

Tunisia – Algeria

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