EN U23: Morocco lost to Ivory Coast.

The national team of the under 23 years lost yesterday on the lawn of the sports complex Moulay-Abdallah on the score of 2 goals to 3, against his Ivorian counterpart. This short defeat is mainly due to its very bad beginning of game because the Cubs will concede two goals in the first fifteen minutes of play; the first goal on penalty at the 5th minute then a second at the 13th minute.

Positive point of this meeting, we will note the strength of character of this team which had an incredible surge of pride. Indeed, the Cubs will return to the score very quickly through Zakaria El Ouahdi (17th) then will succeed in equalizing just before the end of the 1st half through Ismael Saibari (40th).

After the break, the Cubs, eager to turn the game around, were caught at their own game by conceding another goal early in the game. This time, the Cubs could not get back on track despite numerous attempts.

Everything is not to be thrown away, but this team of Issam Charai and Youssouf Hadji will nevertheless have to learn from its mistakes and with the time and the accumulation of game the automatisms will come naturally.

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