Ennesyri scores a winner again for Sevilla

Yet again youssef En-nesyri reported himself as the deliverer of his team, Sevilla FC, avoiding them a draw at home against Villarreal by scoring a winner goal (2-1) in stoppage time of Sunday’s game on behalf of the 30th matchday of La Liga.

Sevilla took a 1-0 lead in the first period but the score was tied (1-1) after the break (55′). A situation that forced Sevilla’s coach Minidilibar to bring in his best striker, Youssef Ennesyri, three minutes after the equalizer. The latter will not disappoint and will prove once again that he is one of the best offensive assets of his team since he will manage to score, with a well-adjusted header, the winning goal in the last minute of the additional time, the Moroccan international’s eighth goal of the season in La Liga.

The teammates of En-nesyri and Bounou (substitute in this match), moved up a rung to 12th place, having 38 points from 30 games


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