Franck Leboeuf: “Every time he plays for Morocco, he is the best player in the world”

While he was about to join the French Ligue 1 club Paris Saint-Germain on loan during the winter mercato, the Moroccan international Hakim Ziyech was forced, against his heart, to stay at Chelsea.

Unfortunately, since this failure, the player shows a very different face with the Blues. Smiling with Morocco, indifferent with Chelsea, the Moroccan is pointed out for his lack of commitment by the club’s management who decided not to play him in the Premier League since the defeat at Tottenham on February 26.

In an exchange with ESPN, Franck Leboeuf, 98 world champion, has his opinion on the subject and we can say that the Frenchman has not his tongue in his pocket. Indeed, when the journalist asks him a rather subtle question about who should leave Chelsea at the end of the season, the ex-French international answers straightforwardly:

“Well, certainly, Ziyech,” said Franck Leboeuf “Every time he plays for Morocco, he is the best player in the world, and every time he plays for Chelsea, he feels sad and lost.”

“So I hope he goes somewhere else where he can show the world that he is still the Ziyech we saw when he played for Ajax,” he concluded.

Franck Leboeuf

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