Regragui wants to win the World Cup

The Moroccan coach Walid Regragui gave an impassioned and ambitious speech when accepting his “Best Arab and International Manager” prize at the Sky News Awards.

Hoalid started his speech by sending greetings to Muslims all over the world in honor of the holy month of Ramadan. He then thanked the supporters for their support and expressed his desire and ambition to win the next World Cup:

“Ramadan Kareem for all the Muslims in the world. I want to thank Emirats people because I know they supported Morocco in the world cup, and I am very proud about that (the best coach prize) Sky News.

With my team we wanted to show to the world that, in the future incha’Allah, an African team or a middle Eastern team can win the world cup , with confidence and support. I think it’s time to say it’s possible.

I want to thank my king, Mohamed 6 (king of Morocco) for his support, the Moroccan team, all the Muslims of the world and African people because I felt their support in every game. We’ll do it next time incha’Allah.”

Walid Regragui, to Sky News Arabia TV

In addition to Regragui’s award, the prize for Arab world’s best football association went to the Moroccan Football Federation.

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