Toulouse FC turns the page on the incident

Toulouse Football Club has decided to reinstate Zakaria Aboukhlal following an internal investigation that concluded regarding the incident that occurred during the celebrations of the Coupe de France victory. Following a meeting between Mrs. Laurence Arribagé, Deputy Mayor in charge of Sports, and the player, in the presence of the club’s management, it was concluded that the facts reported by RMC Sport did not correspond to the reality of the altercation. As a result, Zakaria Aboukhlal is allowed to resume training and competition with the team effective immediately.

Toulouse Football Club will not provide any further comments regarding this incident and wishes to focus on upcoming sporting objectives. The decision to reinstate the player reflects the club’s desire to resolve conflicts in a constructive manner and foster a harmonious environment within the team, while also emphasizing the importance of fair play and respect.

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