Yassine Bono: A national pride, elected man of the match.

The talented Moroccan goalkeeper of FC Sevilla, Yassine Bono, shone during the Europa League final. At the end of the match, he was rightly elected the man of the match.

Indeed, his reflex saves during the match and his two decisive stops during the penalty shootout (4-1) against Roma were essential for his team’s victory. Beyond his performance, the Lion of the Atlas expressed his motivation by stating that his sole objective is to make his people proud and show the world that Moroccans are capable of winning titles.

Beyond fame and wealth, what matters most to him is to make his nation proud. For the Moroccan goalkeeper, every victory is an opportunity to raise the national flag high and proud.

In his own words, Yassine Bono stated :

« In his own words, Yassine Bono declared: ‘The only thing that motivates me is to make my people proud. I want the world to see that Moroccans can also win titles. Money and fame don’t interest me; all I want is to proudly wave our flag high. »

This statement perfectly sums up the mindset of Yassine Bono, a player who embodies love and dedication towards his country.